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Baby It’s Cold Outside!

With the winter weather finally rolling in here in Northern California, I’m loving all the bundled layers and feeling cozy! Layering has always been my jam, dating back to high school, I remember coordinating my entire outfit later by later and making sure that each item complimented each other. It’s so fun and very acceptable to pattern mix your layers if done right with stripes and a pattern! That little peekaboo striped tunic that hangs ever so nicely out of the bottom of your subtle leopard print sweater will get head turns asking and needing to know where you scored that fabulous look!

We have the perfect winter layered look styled just for you! Take a striped long sleeve tunic and pair it with our super soft, warm and cozy Pocktet ponch scarf that doubles as a scarf and poncho. Our pocket poncho features a gorgeous drape with arm holes and two pockets! It’s one size and a great gift idea! It comes in four gorgeous color ways and is great for keeping one at the office, one at home and leaving one in the car for spontaneous trips to the movies or to dinner where you might just need to grab a blanket but you want to look classy doing it! This solves all of your baby it’s cold outside problems! 

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